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Wal-Mart as a Health Care Insurer?

By February 10, 2015August 17th, 2023No Comments

The face of Health Care insurance is changing rapidly with the new National Health Care initiative known as “Obama-care” but it is also changing in other ways. Our attorneys found that the retail giant Wal-Mart is allegedly trying to enter the health insurance field. Currently, Wal-Mart has a health care insurance exchange but Wal-Mart may move to be the provider.

With a Wal-Mart seemingly around every corner, this could bring health care insurance to a more localized level. They are also appealing to many Americans with their $4 price tag for generic drugs. These factors could see Wal-Mart becoming a large player in the health insurance arena. However, as Wal-Mart becomes a health care insurance provider, you can be assured that they will not pay out over medical malpractice any easier than current insurance companies. If you or a loved one are the victims of medical malpractice, please contact the experienced malpractice attorneys at the Mitchell Leeds, LLP by calling 415-702-9928.