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New Study Reports “Doctor Burnout” May Lead to Medical Errors

By August 10, 2018March 19th, 2021No Comments

The Mayo Clinic recently reported in a new national study that 55 percent of medical professionals experience “doctor burnout.” The study also reports that this 55percent of doctors are more likely to make medical errors. “Doctor burnout” is often characterized by its symptoms of exhaustion, depersonalization and decreased effectiveness. This syndrome affects many individuals working in high-stress situations. In this study, nearly 6,700 medical professionals from clinics and hospitals across the nation were polled about workplace burnout and medical errors.

How Does Doctor Burnout Affect Patients?

Doctor burnout can have adverse effects on the quality of patient care. In this study, the Mayo Clinic found that doctor burnout correlates with medical errors. These common medical errors include mistakes in medical judgment and diagnosing illnesses as well as errors during medical procedures. Other adverse events include incorrectly prescribing medications or giving the improper dosage to patients. These events may lead to patients having adverse side effects, infections, and could even lead to premature death.

Burnout symptoms were prevalent in 11 percent of doctors that admitted to making medical errors when treating recent patients. Medical professionals from major universities have suggested a reform in the medical practice nationwide. This reform would limit work hours as well as promote stress management and mindfulness techniques.

Questions About Medical Malpractice?

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