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Injured by Medical Personnel in the Emergency Room

By April 27, 2017March 19th, 2021No Comments

Surgeries and medical procedures, including even the most minor ones, are inherently risky and put you at risk for further injury and even death. While anything can happen in a surgery or medical treatment, it is extremely disheartening when you are injured by medical personnel. If you suspect that medical personnel caused a further injury while you or a loved one was in the emergency room there are several different steps that you should undertake immediately.

Visit a Separate Unaffiliated Doctor

The first step after you are injured by medical personnel should be getting medical treatment for the medical problem that you are now experiencing. While this may seem obvious, it is a good idea to choose a doctor that is unaffiliated with the hospital or emergency room that you first were injured in. For starters, there may be a quality problem at this medical facility that you are better off avoiding. Secondly, you may need the new doctors that examine you to report on your condition in a court of law and it is to avoid potential conflicts of interest, if at all possible.

Document Your Process

It is a good idea to document your side of the story as it unfolds including your concerns and the chain of events that led to you being injured by medical personnel. Formally documenting these situations will help you to remember the details later when you may need to recall them in court.

Consult a Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you are injured due to the incompetence of medical personnel then you should obtain compensation for your injuries. Retaining a medical malpractice attorney can significantly increase the chances that you have for being compensated for your pain and suffering. Look for a law firm that is experienced in providing services for the specific injury that you received on the behalf of the medical facility or hospital that you visited, and make sure that they have the appropriate personnel on staff and time to handle your case.

Medical injuries are always disconcerting not only for the current pain that you are experiencing, but a for your suddenly unknown way in which it can impact your future life. Following the aforementioned steps can improve the chances you have for recovering some degree of comfort in your life after such a harrowing experience.