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Effort to Increase Medical Malpractice Cap Trounced in California

By April 15, 2015March 21st, 2021No Comments

On November 4, 2014, voters completely trounced an initiative to revoke a decades-old cap on courtroom compensation for medical negligence, subsequent to a multimillion-dollar political contest setting trial attorneys in opposition of physicians and insurers. Proposition 46’s defeat arrived following a force of damaging publicity funded by insurance and doctor groups. They cautioned the modification would skyrocket medical expenses and force physicians from the state.

The battle over the proposal produced the 2014’s most costly campaign in the state. The initiative draw nationwide awareness, partly since it required causing California to be the first state to enforce arbitrary drug and alcohol test on physicians. However, the reason the battle enticed over $60 million in contributions was its proposal to revoke the cap on compensation for pain and suffering brought about by physician negligence to $1.1 million, increased from $250,000.