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Changing The Way The Medical Industry Processes Medical Errors

By January 8, 2015March 29th, 2021No Comments

Patients who were a victim of a medical malpractice suit rarely receive acknowledgement of the mistake in an apology. A study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that 9% of medical malpractice victims received notification of a mistake from the medical provider or facility and only 11% receiving an apology for their medical malpractice incident.

Many care givers defend hiding their errors by claiming they would be sued if they were forthcoming with their patients.  Most victims of medical malpractice figure out they have been victimized and don’t need to receive notification from their medical provider.  Many should speak to a medical malpractice lawyer about their medical malpractice case.

Timely notification to patients about errors, infection, or contamination would help lessen the resulting harm.  Many patients would feel less angry and inclined to sue if they learn that their doctor did everything in their power to fix the mistake. The injury itself is only a small part of a claim, treatment and acknowledgment of a mistake, can make a huge difference between if the claim will be pursued, or not.