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Brain Injuries

Athlete Attempts Record Run to Bring Attention to Brain Injuries

By April 24, 2014March 29th, 2021No Comments

Patients diagnosed with a brain injury may suffer for years or even for the rest of their lives with the symptoms and complications associated with the condition. A brain injury may come from any type of incident, from a medical error during surgery or treatment, a car accident or sports injuries.

In fact, NFL players have recently looked to their union to recover a settlement for concussions suffered while playing their sport. Military personnel are also frequently diagnosed with brain injuries.

One woman is setting out to break a coast-to-coast record and bring attention to the issues surrounding brain injuries in the process. The endurance athlete left the steps at San Francisco City Hall recently with the goal running all the way to the east coast, arriving in two months. Two other women have previously attempted the feat with one finishing in 64 days, an unofficial record.

According to a spokesperson of the Brain Injury Association of California, 2.5 million people living throughout the nation suffer some form of traumatic brain injury each year. The consequences of the injuries can affect cognitive functions such as distinguishing between everyday objects. Physiological symptoms can also disrupt the lives of the victims of brain trauma as well as those of their families.

The athlete’s effort to bring attention to brain injuries is admirable and should also raise money for those who try to help all of those affected. Depending on the circumstances surrounding how one suffered a brain injury an attorney who handles personal injury cases may be able to recover monetary damages for an individual. Compensation for the person affected, as well as his or her family, may help defray financial and emotional consequences that can last a lifetime.