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3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against a Misdiagnosis

By January 17, 2018March 19th, 2021No Comments

When visiting the doctor, it’s expected that the medical staff use all their know-how to make the proper diagnosis and treatment. However, there have been cases where patients have been misdiagnosed. For these patients, their symptoms worsened and treatment was greatly prolonged. There are many reasons why a patient can be misdiagnosed, whether it’s a loss of accuracy due to too many patients to inaccurate lab tests. If you’re worried about being misdiagnosed, check out these three ways you can protect yourself against misdiagnosis the next time you see the doctor.

  1. “What Else Can It Be?”Don’t be afraid to ask this question to your doctor even if you’re being checked for a cold. By running through your list of symptoms and ruling out other potential illnesses, your doctor can better inform you as to why he or she decided on that diagnosis. Furthermore, you can also get a better idea of whether you’ve been given a correct answer.
  2. Ask for a Second opinion If your doctor has decided that invasive treatment is necessary for your issue, contact another licensed physician and ask for a second opinion. Invasive procedures include surgery, chemotherapy, or medication with difficult side effects. Ask not only for the diagnosis but also a list of options you have regarding treatment.
  1. Trust Your Gut: If you’re unsure about your physician’s diagnosis or something about it is making alarm bells ring in your head, don’t be afraid to seek other options. Some patients get third or fourth opinions to figure out what exactly they have and all the options possible to treat it. Online resources have been a great help for folks who just can’t seem to trust their doctor’s decision. If your gut is telling you to do some more research, listen to it.

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